Corporate Overview

Founded in July 2012, Bear Bull Market Dividends, Inc. (“BBMD”) invests and acquires equity stakes in companies operating in diverse, high-growth market niches. Companies under the BBMD umbrella are from such industries as: hospitality, edutainment (a cross-section of education and entertainment), travel and technology. Like its name suggests, BBMD’s goal is to payout dividends to shareholders in the form of cash and/or stock in its current holdings.

At a time when many companies, both large and small, are scaling back on employee and shareholder benefits, BBMD is moving quickly to infuse capital, additional resources and expert management into its portfolio companies. With this strategy, BBMD expects to turn key holdings into profitable, revenue-generating companies that meet their true earnings potential.

Founder and CEO of BBMD Kenyatto Jones has completed several large and very complex private equity transactions in recent history. He has personally invested six figures into BBMD’s portfolio companies. With his expertise, he plans to take BBMD public in early 2014.

The BBMD portfolio of interests and investments include:

  • A-Shine, the exclusive owner of a glass polishing system for the hotel and restaurant industry;
  • BizM3, a digital signage technology provider serving the high-growth mobile advertising market;
  • Travopoly, an online leisure travel booking site;
  •, an online global gaming community with 1 million players
  • Prezense, Inc., a marketing and consulting company
  • A revolutionary after school program for students in grade 7 through early college. Details of this exciting, proprietary program kicks off with beta runs this year.

BBMD may spin-off one or more of its portfolio companies into a stand-alone, publicly traded entity. In essense, an investment in BBMD is an investment in many firms where real value creation and increasing shareholder value can take place.

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