Portfolio Companies

ashine                                                                  A-Shine, Inc. is pioneering an automatic glass polishing system. Hotels, restaurants, bars and others in the service industry can operate with greater efficiency, save money and potentially lower the risk of injury to workers.
 asr000 A.S.R. was established on 12/12/12 with the purpose of launching the next-generation of after-school programs (“Z Programs”). Z Programs aim to introduce, educate,  inspire and entertain youths from grade 7 to early college. Students gain hands-on   experience in careers of their choice, including the culinary arts, aviation, fashion and design, automotive and more. Kids may find Z Programs hard to resist! Look for them to roll-out inside schools and at independent facilities nationwide in the future. Beta tests began in March 2013.
 Bizm3logo bizM3 is a leading provider of multi-channel mobile content management and distribution solutions. Businesses can dynamically reach and engage the exceedingly on-the-go-consumer by utilizing bizM3’s highly effective, mobile advertising platform.
 Travopolylogo With 30 years in the travel industry, Travolopy is an online travel booking site that benefits from standing connections with hoteliers and tour operators around the globe. Specializing in leisure travel packages to the world’s most attractive destinations, Travolopy.com delivers discounts at no-cost to its members. Families and individuals can join the online site at any time and book any number of vacation listings offered, and as many times, as they like.
 ViralPwnageLogo Since 1992, Viral Pwnage has been active in the online gaming and has 36 million members in its community. Viral Pwnage developers are experts in building custom maps and in-game QR code banners that link gamers directly to videos, websites, coupons and more. Viral Pwnage helps brands, music, companies, websites, Twitter, Facebook and more take viral marketing to a whole new level.

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