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Bear Bull Market Dividends, Inc. (BBMD) is a privately-held, diversified holding company that focuses on making financial investments and equity stakes across a variety of industries. BBMD has interests in the hospitality, edutainment (a cross between education and entertainment), travel and high-technology sectors. Given an infusion of capital and leadership, portfolio companies will have the potential to achieve higher revenue and earnings under the BBMD umbrella.

BBMD plans to reward its shareholders with dividends in cash and/or stock of public spin-offs of select portfolio companies in the near future.

Current portfolio companies include: A-Shine, the exclusive owner of a glass polishing system for the hotel and restaurant industry; BizM3, a digital signage technology provider serving the high-growth mobile advertising market; Travopoly, an online leisure travel booking site; Prezense, Inc., a marketing company; Viralpwnage, a global gaming community technology platform; and a revolutionary nationwide after school program (“the Program”) for students in grades 7 through early college.

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